1. Take a team photo with a chef at a restaurant other than Magianno's
  2. Take a photo of whole team jumping in midair
  3. Card Play Riddle - "Not Hearts, Not Diamonds, Not Clubs" Take a team selfie in front of store that solves this riddle
  4. Find out when the next Fortnite Tournament is scheduled and take team photo with person that hosts tournament
  5. Make a video of your team stumping a "genius" with a Wacky Question -- Make sure the person is a "genius"
  6. Take a team photo of the group making a Pyramid
  7. Ask store clerk at Louis Vuitton if they have any Handbags for $25. Video their response
  8. Ask store clerk at Coach if they have any Tory Burch Flip Flops for sale. Video tape the encounter
  9. Make a video of your entire team singing the "Happy Birthday Song" in the middle of a store -- Sorry people -- Dressing Rooms Don't Count
  10. Ride an Escalator With at Least 10 people on the Escalator at Once - Need Video of Photo Proof of the Encounter
  11. Take a Photos of a Team Member that Experiences the Worst Makeover
  12. Take a Team Selfie with Darth vader at the Mall -- Here's Hint What it Looks Like
  13. Make a video of a Store Clerk Doing Orange Justice Dance with a Team Member
  14. Take a phot of the Most Expensive Item your team can find within the Mall -- Must include pricetag within Image for Proof
  15. Get the most Free Samples at the mall - I can't offer any Hints on how to do this other than I need photo or video proof
  16. Take a Team Photo inside the Largest Rechargeable Item in the Mall
  17. Make a video of a Team Member asking store clerk at Anthropologie if Archeology is Next Door
  18. Take a Team photo in front of the "Most Sour" store within the Mall
  19. Take a team photo in front of something that you would spend exactly 1 hour and 44 mintues doing
  20. Take a team photo in front of this sign
  21. Find the location where this photo was taken -- Shoot a team picture including this element to prove you were able to find it
  22. Make a video of Scaring a member from another team -- photo could work as well
  23. Take a team photo with each member wearing something they might wear at a Prom